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Digital technology in Turkey

Digital technology in Turkey

Turkey has begun to make great strides within the world of technology and development, and Turkey has taken a very high and prestigious position and has become an important center for innovation and creativity in the digital industries, with its technology parks and great successes, with total exports reaching up to 3.4 billion dollars.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, the Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, said that Turkey has shifted from innovation and serving the local market to exporting abroad.

He explained that the level and efficiency of technology in Turkey has increased thanks to the products that have been worked on, developed and marketed in these technology parks, as well as reducing dependency on the outside in this field.

Technology parks:

They are centers that gather companies and individuals working in the field of advanced digital innovation, and they include research centers to develop technological services in various areas of human well-being.

“The work of developing and modernizing high-tech products continues intensively,” says Warank, noting that the technology parks play a prominent role in the development and marketing of these products.

In 2001, the Technology Development Zones Law was issued in Turkey, to encourage the development of the number of technology parks, and there are currently 81 parks in which 5150 technology companies operate.


According to the Turkish minister’s statement, work has begun in 59 parks, including modern technology and renewal activities, while infrastructure work continues in 22 of them, to be resumed later.

He mentioned that the Turkish government gives several facilities and tax exemptions to companies located within the technology parks; And it has made a donation of 750 million Turkish liras ($141.5 million) to these regions, over the past 14 years.

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